Collaborative Learning


We design and provide collaborative learning experiences to strengthen the capacities of both individuals, organizations, and communities to advance their impact towards social change.

Our Learning Projects

Social Research and Evidence-Based Development

Status: On-Going

The idea started in 2016 intending to introduce and enhance the social research skills of young researchers and development practitioners to back their practical work experience with academic methods and tools. The training attempts to encourage the use of social research tools in social activism to ensure better quality for the designed developmental programs based on the use of the evidence-based approach and participatory research techniques.

Organizational Culture


Status: On-Going

In this learning experience, you will be introduced to a "7 steps methodology," which enables you to assess current organizational culture and create a new one collaboratively with all your team members. This methodology had been implemented in several organizations, including startups and non-governmental organizations. These organizations vary in size; 10 employees: 150 employees.

Participatory Action Research (PAR)

Status: On-Going

In this learning experience, you will be introduced to Participatory Action Research (PAR) which can best be described as a cooperative approach to research, learning, and action for social change, bringing together all parties concerned to work together to identify the problem, develop the research methodology and tools, gather information, analyze and produce results and practical solutions that respond to the problem chosen.

Consultation Work in 



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