Sailing workshop: Participation and Evidence within Development Practice

Co-learning, reflection and sailing workshop: Participation and Evidence within Development Practic


A four-day workshop (Thu. 24th – Sun. 27th Feb. 2022) on board a sailing boat in the Nile from Esna to Aswan Organized and facilitated by Collective RoutesWe, development practitioners, always strive to find spaces that bring us with others who have similar passions and rich experiences. In those spaces, we jointly reflect and co-learn about different theories, approaches and tools that can be useful to develop our practices. In addition, if we are all on board of a sailing boat (i.e. Dahabiya) in the Nile, this will give us an unconventional environment to relax and disconnect from our day-to-day work and routine. This is exactly what we will do in this workshop.


This workshop focused on ‘participation’ and ‘evidence’, looking at how we engage with those two concepts within development practice. Participants were invited to share their own knowledge, experiences and tools about how they ensure their practices are participatory and evidence-based. In other words, this workshop enabled participants to reflect and co-learn about their experiences of developing participatory approaches and evidence-based research.


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