Our Story

We are inspired by birds’ collective behaviour, shown in the murmuration phenomena. Therefore it is reflected in our approach, practices, and even our logo!

The murmuration phenomena happen when hundreds, sometimes thousands, of starlings fly together in highly coordinated patterns, showing a remarkable ability to maintain cohesion as a group in highly uncertain environments. Scientists still can not understand why it happens and how it happens. Yet it happens in smooth and complex patterns that perform one of nature’s most significant spectacular phenomena in the world. Likewise, we see social change as a spectacular human phenomenon that is collective, cohesive, complex, and informed.


"Thousands of birds dancing together, creating one of nature's greatest phenomenons."

We see that collective action is the only way to make meaningful social change.


"If one bird moves the next one does, so They don't crash into each other."

We aspire to learn from the starlings how to work in harmonious/ and coordinated ways to achieve social change.


"Birds perform these marvelous aerobatics; still, we don't know why and how."

We see that social change can be overwhelming and sometimes can not be explained, just like this phenomena, yet our only way is to keep moving and continue working with our fellow practitioners.


“Each bird interacts with six or seven neighbors to optimize the balance within the group.”

We believe in the importance of access to information and effective communications to achieve social change. Therefore, we aim to produce and make knowledge accessible.