Writing Retreat


The main aim of the retreat is to disconnect and focus. Our common objective will be to finalize some work-related or study-related readings and write different pieces, i.e., reports, articles, reflection papers.

The retreat will start with each one identifying a specific objective they would like to achieve by the end of the retreat and then working on it through the eight focus slots across retreat days During the retreat, we will be accompanied by a fitness coach to make sure that we have some movements across the retreat and not stay all day reading and writing.

Admission: an application will be available on the website.

Cost: It will be announced with each learning experience.

Scholarship: all our learning experiences have different schemes of scholarships, just please indicate in your application the needed % of scholarship (25%, 50%, 75%, 100 %) If you are an organization or a self organized group that wishes to organize this learning experience for your team members/ group, please contact us via: info@collectiveroutes.org specifying in the subject title “”name of the learning experience”” To know more about the coming training, you can register your email here, to receive our learning notifications.

Amira Hossam Shaimaa Atef


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