Data Analysis and Presentation using Microsoft Power BI

Data analysis and representation is one of the basic skills researchers and development workers need, and many programs are used to do so. One of the most prominent programs that have been widely used in the recent period is Microsoft Power BI, as it is used to analyze and represent data in the form of interactive reports that facilitate the process of searching within it and identifying different patterns in it.

Learning objectives
Through the learning experience, participants were able to understand the Power BI program and the skills needed to create interactive visual reports and charts covering the following elements;

  • Understanding of Power BI software and the skills to create interactive visual reports and chats.
  • Provide an introduction to Power BI, its different versions, and its main features on a copy.
  • How to create interactive reports and create visual charts using it.
  • How to use PowQuery to manipulate and add to data.


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