Participatory Research and Knowledge Production


We produce knowledge and evidence, mainly through using participatory research methods with people and communities to profoundly understand their social realities. Additionally, we ensure open access to our produced research to contribute towards social change collaboratively.

Our Research Projects

Directory of Arabic Resources and Content in Youth Development
Status: On-Going

We, development practitioners, always complain of lacking available resources and content in Arabic across development fields. However, we know that new content is being produced and developed every day, but unfortunately, not all of it is circulated, accessible, or even known to everyone. In response to that, we aim at developing a regular annual directory of published resources and content in Arabic, which includes all relevant research studies, academic articles, action guides, training manuals, project reports, opinion articles, and reflective pieces. We endeavor that the directory enhances practitioners' access to Arabic resources and content in the youth development field. Such directory will be the result of a collaborative and crowdsourced research effort, calling development practitioners and organizations on an annual basis to contribute with mapping existing resources and content, either were developed by them or others in their networks.

Organizational Culture Practices in the Egyptian Organizations​
Status: On-Going

In our efforts to learn more about existing practices related to organizational culture, we faced some challenges to find well-documented and detailed practices, especially on the national level. Based on Collective Routes, team members experience and observation within the Egyptian context, there are a lot of inspiring practices that can be enlightening and guiding to others, yet they are documented. So we were encouraged to start this research project. In this project titled "Organizational Culture Practices in the Egyptian Organizations," we aim at documenting existing practices of organizational culture within Egyptian organizations. The project aims at collecting several practices, documenting them in a detailed way, and making them available to different organizations.

Directory of Development Education in Egypt 
Status: On-Going

Development Studies (DS) is a recent field of study in the Social Sciences, which is taught for the higher education levels. The existence of such programs in Egyptian institutions and the context they operate within is under-researched. What are DS programs available in different Egyptian educational institutions? When did they start, and for what objectives/promises? What is the relation between these programs and the practice of the development field in Egypt? Such questions are the core of the project to explore. The project will also compile a map to all Development Studies academic programs in higher education levels in Egyptian institutions.


The project, in its first phase, will focus on public universities across Egypt and include MA programs and diplomas, both academic and professional degrees. 

Consultation Work in 



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