Organizational Culture Practices in the Egyptian Organizations​

Our inspiration

Through our work with different Egyptian organizations, we found several promising practices concerning how organizations are working hard to enforce a positive and empowering organizational culture. Yet, when we tried to learn more about these practices, we found minimal efforts to document these practices in an informative way that could serve them in their development process or as a guide to other organizations.

Our response

Due to a lack of documentation and accessibility of different national practices related to organizational culture, we were encouraged to start this research project. In this project titled “Organizational Culture Practices in the Egyptian Organizations,” we aim to document existing practices of organizational culture within Egyptian organizations. The project will document organizations’ values and related sets of behaviours and actions. The project will spotlight the creation process of the organizational culture and the reason behind choosing every single value. The project also will define the reflection of organizational culture on the different work processes: recruitment, assessing, and orienting new team members.

The project aims at collecting several practices, documenting them in a detailed way, and making them available to different organizations.

The call is for two categories;

1) Organizations: If you are an organization that has good practices related to organizational culture, please write to us answering the question, “Why do you think you have a good organizational culture?”. We will communicate with you afterwards to agree on the process details of documenting your practice and making it available online.

2) Individuals: If you are an individual who would like to contribute to this project by nominating an organization or taking part in documenting one of the good practices, please write to us answering the question “Why would you like to take part in this project?”. We will communicate with you afterwards regarding the next steps of orienting you on the used methodology and techniques

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