Tool Fair

“Tool fair is one of the methods of creating a Community of Practice (CoP), which is considered one of the forms of collaborative learning among people. “Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in the process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor”.

Accordingly, in Collective Routes, we aim at establishing a Community of Practice for development practitioners in Egypt as a means of collaborative learning that will not only develop the capacities of the individuals but will also work on advancing the general knowledge and practices of the development domain in Egypt.

In 2023, we are working on organizing a tool fair on Organizational resilience to bring together different actors from the arts and culture sectors, as well as civil society practitioners, to present and reflect on research findings, good practices, and tools pertaining to organizational resilience.This would entail gathering other organizational experience and promoting collaborative sharing of research findings and good practices, which would also open a space for future collaborations among those independent civil society actors. At the end of the tool fair proceedings will be documented in English and Arabic and will be made available online for greater accessibility.

This toolfair is part of Tandem Amwaj programme, which is a civil society-led project co-designed, and implemented by 4 partner organisations (Tandem programme alumni) in the MENA region working on creating safe and creative environments for independent narrative discourses. By supporting culture-led engagement actions and actors, this program aims at promoting civil society participation in local development practices, growing a space for different forms of expressions and sense of belongings to be performed despite the pressuring contexts (political and economic) across Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.”

Amira Hossam MennaTullah Reda Atta Mohamed Yassein Shaimaa Atef


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