Meaningful Facilitation

We design and facilitate collaborative experiences to enable different stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations that aim at reflecting and learning from their previous practices and enlightening their future ones. We apply various techniques to suit small and large scale experiences, which goes up to around 200 people.


Our Facilitation Projects

Collaborative Learning for Development Practitioners

The concept of collaborative learning calls people to collaborate (co-labour) and work together for shared goals and an explicit intention to create something new or different through a deliberate and structured collaborative process, as opposed to simply exchanging information or following instructions. For this purpose, we bring groups of development practitioners in collaborative learning workshops, where each participant contributes to the group learning process about a specific topic or issue. We tend to hold such workshops in rich and relaxing environments, such as taking a sailing boat in the Nile, that inspire participants to reflect on their practices and experiences.

Communities of Practice (CoP) for Development Practitioners

The concept of Community of Practice (CoP) is considered one of the forms of collaborative learning among people. “Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in the process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavour”.


Accordingly, in Collective Routes, we aim at establishing a Community of Practice for development practitioners in Egypt as a means of collaborative learning that will not only develop the capacities of the individuals but will also work on advancing the general knowledge and practices of the development domain in Egypt.

Consultation Work in 



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