Communities of Practice (CoP) for Development Practitioners

The concept of Community of Practice (CoP) is considered one of the forms of collaborative learning among people. "Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in the process of collective learning in a shared domain of human "endeavour.

Forming a CoP means that a group of people meet together around a topic they are concerned about to discuss, learn, reflect, and do what they do in a better way. This type of collaborative learning is best useful in professional life among practitioners in a given field who always seek to learn, reflect, and develop their capacities.

Speaking of the current context in Egypt, the development field has been rising throughout the last four decades, and this rise accelerated over the years following January 2011. The development field in Egypt is witnessing momentum in terms of numbers of institutions, actors, projects, and activities. However, it is still lacking spaces of reflection or networks for sharing experiences among the growing number of development practitioners. 

Accordingly, in Collective Routes, we aim at establishing a Community of Practice for development practitioners in Egypt as a means of collaborative learning that will not only develop the capacities of the individuals but will also work on advancing the general knowledge and practices of the development domain in Egypt.


  • Establishing a collective learning space where development practitioners can learn from each other, reflect on their practices, and develop their capacities.

  • Creating a support network where development practitioners can freely share their fears, inquiries, and seek support from each other.

  • Establish a brainstorming space where new ideas can be initiated, developed, and implemented collectively. - Enhance the developmental practices in Egypt through collaborative working among practitioners of the CoP.



The methodology of Collaborative Learning is considered as a means and an end in itself. In practice, participants who are attending the CoP will be leading their learning, which means that they will define objectives and collaborate to deliver their learning.

The intentionality of learning is at the core of these meetings. Throughout their meetings, participants will develop "a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems." As a result, better professional performance can be expected out of this CoP, where participants can benefit from each other's experiences, resources, situations, failures, and successes.

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